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Suppose you have two goats g1 and g2 and they are placed in a meadow, that
is in shape an equilateral triangle with lateral length A. The meadow is surrounded with
a (wire)fence. You also have a rope or tether of length A. No other auxiliaries! ...

Your job : Tether both goats but at the same time meet the following

a) both goats should be able to graze more than 99% of the meadow. (it's
assumed length "A" is much greater than length "goat" e.g. 100:1 )
b) each goat should be able to graze approx. the same area.
b) during the whole time it must be impossible for both goats to "touch"
(have contact with) the other goat.
c) both goats graze at the same time. (no time sharing model)
d) no other fences or auxiliaries allowed. (NO lawn-mowers!!!)
e)it is assumed that the goats can feed to the end of the tether.

and for puzzle maniacs

f) "sometimes" it should be possible for both goats to get some water from a
pond (circle with radius a; a:A e.g. 1:100) which is located exactly in the
center of the triangle meadow.